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Friday, March 28, 2014

Local Archery Action!

Congratulations to all the archers who competed in the 2014 JOAD National Indoor Championships and the 45th U.S. National Indoor Championships
February 21st through the 23rd at
The Nock Point and Next Step Archery!

It was a weekend filled with archers putting on an impressive display of their skills, as well as a weekend of camaraderie within the archery community.  The competition began on Friday with the JOAD Nationals, with Saturday and Sunday being the U.S. Nationals.  Archers from as far away as China, Mexico, and Australia, and our neighbors to the north, Canada, came to compete!  Thank you to all the judges who worked long hours over the three day event to help keep the tournament running smoothly, along with the many, many volunteers.

Opening ceremonies took place Saturday morning and included the National Anthem performed a cappella by Meredith Scruggs and Faith Cook from the Next Step Archery team.  The flag ceremony was done by Adult Girl Scouts Katie Hoon and Megan McGrath, and Eagle Scout Sean Hoon, all from the Next Step Archery Team, and Eagle Scout Haydon Truitt.

There were quite a few new archers, and being able to watch veteran archers was exciting and valuable for those experiencing Nationals for the first time.  For some, it was their first tournament ever!

The Next Step Archery team held a fundraiser and raffle.  Proceeds are going toward equipment and gear for the team.  Thank you to all the team families who pitched in and donated a lot of their time and effort to make this a success!

Raffle winners were:
Claudia Bridenbecker – Big E Ales $50 gift card and brewery tour
Brian Norman – Big E Ales growler and glass, and a brewery tour
Brian Norman – Stainless steel Seahawks 12th Man plaque
Brian Loomis – 2 tickets to the Rat City Roller Girls at the Key Arena
John Burrows – 2 tickets to the Rat City Roller Girls at the Key Arena
Isak Forte – Handmade quiver made by Timm Hines

We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, reached a goal, set new personal bests, and finished with a sense of accomplishment.  We look forward to seeing you again!